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Legally earning & saving money, and about investing in the stock market. My content is published in English and Spanish for maximum reach.

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NextAdvisor with TIME: NextUp - Most Influential New Voices of Money

2022 October

NextUp recognizes the new faces of personal finances making waves in the industry. "At NextAdvisor, we know that the personal finance industry has for a long time elevated a small number of people from a small number of backgrounds. But now, thanks to social media, a new generation of voices is talking about money in a more relatable way—and bringing their communities along with them. These people are centering stories and backgrounds that traditionally have been underrepresented. The members of NextUp demonstrate that the face of financial expertise has changed—for the better. All honorees share a mission: to break down barriers to financial literacy and hold themselves up as examples, however imperfect, of how anyone can build generational wealth."

Plutus Foundation: Impact Series - Credit Movement

Creators are selected & recognized for their contributions in forwarding conversations around the featured monthly topic.

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Unicorn Millionaire (ENGLISH):
"Where can you invest with an ITIN?"

2022 December

In this blog post I inform on three major points undocumented immigrants can use & implement during their financial journey: (1) The contributions of ITIN holders to the USA financial system, (2) Why one should invest even if they have an ITIN, (3) Name three well known brokerage companies that accept ITINs.

No Cilantro Please (ESPA√ĎOL):
"Our Wealth Matters. A Financial Literacy Coach on a Mission to Empower Immigrant Women & Families"

2022 Octubre | Paginas 59 - 61

Hablo de los estigmas financieros que existen en torno al dinero. Y qu√© importante es que difundamos la informaci√≥n sobre el dinero de los inmigrantes; porque he conocido a personas que han estado en la industria de gesti√≥n de patrimonio durante m√°s de 30 a√Īos y NUNCA hab√≠an o√≠do hablar de un ITIN y c√≥mo se pueden hacer inversiones con un ITIN en lugar de un SSN.

No Cilantro Please (ENGLISH):
"Our Wealth Matters. A Financial Literacy Coach on a Mission to Empower Immigrant Women & Families"

2022 October | Pages 12 -15

I talk about the financial stigmas that exist around money. And how critical it is that we spread the information around Immigrant Money; because I have met people who have been in the wealth management industry for 30+ years and they had NEVER heard of an ITIN and how investments can be made with an ITIN instead of a SSN.

"Follow These First-Gen Latina Creators Forging New Paths to Prosperity"

2022 September

Featured for my¬†mission to empower the immigrant population in the U.S. with financial knowledge‚ÄĒparticularly the knowledge of how even undocumented immigrants can invest, build credit, own businesses, and save for retirement.

NextAdvisor with TIME (ESPA√ĎOL):¬†
"Dos Asesoras Financiera Latinas le Ayudan a la Comunidad Inmigrantee a Derribar las Barreras Económicas. Desean Que los Inmigrantes Sepan Estas Cosas"

2022 Agosto

Discutí las barreras financieras que enfrentan los inmigrantes en los EE. UU. y brindé soluciones a dichas barreras.

NextAdvisor with TIME (ENGLISH):
"These Two Latina Money Coaches Are Helping the Immigrant Community Break Financial Barriers. This Is What They Want Immigrants to Know"

2022 August

I discussed the barriers immigrants face in the USA financially - and provided solutions to said barriers.

"Finance Now"

2022 August

Feature on finance department's intracompany website's landing page which linked to The New York Times article that showcased my money journey as a millennial.

The New York Times:
"Why Millennials are Facing More Economy Anxiety Than Ever"

2022 July

Story showcases my money journey as a Millennial, from my start as an income tax preparer, to an Immigrant-Money CoachTM.

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Speaking Engagements

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2023 August


De Anza College - Higher Education For AB540 Students (HEFAS)

2023 June


NBCUniversal: Personal Finance Coffee Chats

2022 March - 2023 March 

Topic: Personal Finance tailored to NBCUniversal employees. 401(K), HYSA, Taxes, among other topics.

Audience: IT & Business Professionals

California State University Fullerton - Titan Dreamers Resource Center

2023 February

Topic: 401K While Undocumented

Audience: 1st Generation Immigrant University Students

University of California, Riverside (UCR) - Undocumented Student Programs

2022 November

Topic: Filing Taxes as an Undocumented Immigrant

Audience: University Students

San Francisco State University - Dream Resource Center

2022 September

Topic: 401K While Undocumented

Audience: 1st Generation Immigrant University Students

California State University - Long Beach: Hispanic Student Business Association (HSBA)

2022 September

Topic: College, Career, & Personal Finance

Audience: 1st Generation University Students


2022 September

Topic: "How to Support Immigrants in Your Community & Help Them Integrate and Thrive in the US Financial System” as a personal finance coach and creator.

Audience: Personal Finance Content Creators and Money Coaches

UndocuProfessionals: 3rd Annual UndocuProfessionals Conference

2022 September

Topic: First 4 Steps to Investing While Undocumented

Audience: University Students & Adults - Immigrant Community & Allies

National Domestic Women's Alliance in partnership with Women's Way: Gender Wealth Institute "Financial Coach Training Program"

2022 July

Topic: Personal Finance & Investing with an ITIN

Audience: Women ITIN Solopreneurs: Nannies, Cleaners, Caregivers, Among Other Professions

UndocuProfessionals: Mentor & Mentee Program

2022 July

Topic: Creating Wealth for Undocumented Communities

Audience: University Students & Adults - Immigrant Community & Allies

University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA) Anderson Riordan Programs: College to Career

2022 June

Topic: College, Career, & Personal Finance Trajectory

Audience: 1st Generation University Students

NBCUniversal: Global Distribution Business Unit

2022 March

Topic: Personal Finance tailored to NBCUniversal employees

Audience: Business Professionals, Global Distribution Business Unit

Richard L. Graves Middle School

2022 January

Topic: Personal Finance Tailored to Middle School Students

Audience: 7th & 8th Grade Students; Majority 1st Generation Students.


2022 January

Topic: Personal Finance Tailored to the Immigrant Experience

Audience: Immigrant University Students & Adults

California State University - Dominguez Hills: Latino Student Business Association (LBSA)

2021 September

Topic: Personal Finance Tailored to 1st Generation and Immigrants

Audience: 1st Generation University Students

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Live Interviews

Journey to a Million with Wealth Building Educator

Investing for Immigrants @OurWealthMatters

Brown Wealth Radio with The Brown Skinvestors

Episode 21 - Maribel Francisco

Cindy Flores

Lets Talk Money and Women - Personal Finance and Investing

Journey to a Million with Wealth Building Educator

How to Dominate the Stock Market- Money Coach Maribel

Immigrant Finance 

Shifting Your Mindset to Build Wealth as an Immigrant

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